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How I lost 1 stone in 1 day, and why I did it

Before vs After

So for my first blog I thought I’d document my recent ‘weight loss’ experiment where I demonstrated how I lost a stone in a day.

The reasoning for this came from the amount of interest I was getting from people about the weight cutting practice I go through for MMA (mixed martial arts) and BJJ (brazilian jiu jitsu) competition.

Instagram post about weight cutting from the NAGA grappling championships in Malaga

It appears that ‘weight loss’ is now part of the population’s vernacular when it comes to describing how to become healthy/get in shape, but what I wanted to stress here is that weight need not be the obsession that it has become.

Weight should not be people’s sole focus when it comes to improving their aesthetics or physiology, as it is affected by a multitude of factors.
You can reduce bodyweight drastically while not affecting body fat at all, which is what I set out to demonstrate here. This is NOT something I would recommend to anyone, this was simply an experiment to highlight the difference between weight and fat, and why the two should not be confused.

Basically what I did was turn myself from a grape into a raisin. I went through a day of pure hell to turn myself into a weak, dehydrated, ill-looking shell of my former self. I didn’t reduce my bodyfat whatsoever and just because the numbers on the scales read slightly differently I looked no better for it, and was certainly much less healthy (in fact, dangerously so).

Please be mindful of this, I would never voluntarily do this to myself for anything other than for sporting competition*, I did this to display the needless obsession people have with weight, and how too much focus on the bathroom scales is how many companies sell a variety of useless and often unhealthy diet products.

*Competitions that involve weight classes include
combat sports (boxing, mma, judo), rowing and horse racing.

To begin the experiment I needed to measure my own body fat levels so I went down to the Jersey Sport Foundation (JSF) High Performance Program where JSF lead coach John Scriven pinched different parts of my body with some very expensive skinfold calipers in a bid to determine my body fat percentage.

Once this was done it was time to come up with a plan for how we were going to achieve 1 stone in 1 day. I would need to call on all my experience in cutting weight for MMA and BJJ contests along with the research materials I have compiled over the years through personal fitness training, nutrition, physiology and coaching studies.

I needed a very well orchestrated, and more importantly safety conscious, plan. This would certainly not be a normal, or recommended, procedure. Which is why medical safety had to be observed at all times. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!

The approach decided upon was using a variety of methods to rid the body of excess water over a 24 hour period, with regular monitoring of weight, health and condition. I was to be accompanied at all times and my coaches at JSF and Brazilian Power Team (BPT) Jersey were well informed and updated.

To prepare further I went into to speak to Paula at Barannes. I told her my plan and explained what I needed, and she stocked me up with my healthy swag that included items for the dehydration along with products needed for the rehydration phase. All natural and nothing artificial, which was the main aim.

Just a few of the necessary health supplements I was supplied for the 24 hour ordeal to come…. (Barannes, Colomberie).

Zero hour was Thursday at 6.30pm, and after finishing my last PT client for the day I ate a tub of cottage cheese, drank a pint of water (the last water I was to consume in 24 hours) and weighed in a happy and healthy 76.3kg or just over 12 stone.

After this I made my way to BPT training at Five Oaks and joined the squad for a high intensity MMA session.
I left training after a good sweat and headed home knowing that I wouldn’t be having my usual post training shake or evening meal. Instead I checked in with a few online training clients and then wrapped myself in 3 layers of clothes and went to bed at about 10pm.

After a suprisingly comfortable nights sleep I woke up at 5.45am to check my weight, tipping the scales at 74.9kg – 1.4kg lost already.

Then, avoiding my morning green smoothie I took a hefty dose of Vitamin C and mixed half a small bottle of water with dandelion extract, then it was off to go and teach the HIIT circuit training classes at Temple Fitness. The only change to normal procedure would be that this time I would be joining the class, wrapped in a sweat suit and several more layers, with my only hydration being the natural diuretic in my water bottle.

After that specifically designed workout I was hot and tired, but jumped on the scales to see 73.7kg (another 1.2kg down). Then it was straight into MOGA – men only yoga – and keeping the sweatsuit on I was able to lead a low impact but high pace 45 minute stretching session and knock another 600g off the principle.

Following this I headed back towards what I knew would be one of the toughest parts of the cut – the salt bath

Preparing the salt bath….

The sweat didn’t start straight away but I knew it was coming so I asked my teammate and chaperone to talk to me to keep my mind off the increasing discomfort as the salt started its work off drawing water out of my body. I was aiming for two lots of fifteen minute sittings but by the twelve minute mark I had already snapped at my friend to change the subject as whatever they had been telling me hadn’t served to distract me adequately. As it hit the fifteen minute mark hit I clambered out of the bath and was helped onto the closed toilet where I stayed for a few minutes trying to get my bearings.

feeling the heat…..

After 5 minutes of cursing and moaning and generally vocalising my discomfort I was helped back in and did another ten minutes. The water had cooled slightly by now but it still didn’t stop me from asking “TIME!?” every minute until the time was up, this time I had to be helped out of the bath and was noticeably weaker, but in much the same way I continued sweating. I towelled off long enough to get a reading on the scales of 72.5kg – that couldn’t be right!!

weak and very very irritable

All that pain and sweating for just 600g, and while I threw what can only be described as a water deprived tantrum, it was pointed out to me that I was still wearing my saturated swimming shorts (such had the water affected my capacity for logic). With no hesitation and merely a well-placed towel maintaining my dignity, I removed the shorts and breathed a sigh of relief when the scales read 71.9 – only 2kg to go!

As the moisture was still flowing from my pores, the next step was simply to keep that sweat going. This meant getting wrapped up like a mummy with a duvet and many towels around me tight enough that I was unable to move, hold in the heat and start baking en papillote.

Now as uncomfortable as this might sound, it was actually rather nice, maybe because I was exhausted after the physiological obstacle course my body had thus far endured, and it liked the idea of a nap. So a podcast was put on and with my teammates checking on me every 10 minutes I lay there snugly wrapped for another 45 minutes.

Emerging at the 45 minute mark, very far from a butterfly from a very soaked chrysalis I staggered over to the scales and saw that the nap had earned me another 800g, result! Time for some food…..

Because I was hemorrhaging electrolytes I needed to make sure I had some form of nutrients entering my body, so egg whites and grapes had to be my supply of protein, vitamins and antioxidants.

It was now 11.30 and after brunch I had to make my way into town to teach a Brazilian jiu jitsu class once again at Temple Fitness. I layered up again for the class and then headed straight to the sauna afterwards with a BPT teammate.

New superhero, Sweatverine

So into the sauna, and knowing that I don’t like saunas I said we would do 15 minute hits…… well I lasted about 11 before my rapidly filling sweat suit grossed me out enough to get out.

With trepidation I stepped on the scales again and wooped as it read 70.2kg, meaning through BJJ and sauna I had lost another 900g, and needed only 300g more.

The facilities at The Grand Hotel made the next part very easy, and it is why I chose this spa for the final leg. They have a very warm jacuzzi which helped after a quick dip in the pool to get my body temperature back up. Then when I donned the sweat suit for hopefully the last time, I went into their gym and was able to watch stand up comedy while running 20 minutes on the treadmill.

You will not understand how critical that was as a distraction when my body was screaming NO MORE EXERCISE! Genius, youtube displaying machines!!!

Bill Burr helped me through this last little bit, highly recommend!

1 more shower and I headed home. Jumping on the scales on arrival, the most beautiful numbers appeared as 69.9kg – I had done it. 1 stone in 24hours….. however there was a problem, it was not 24 hours, the time was 4.30pm. 22 hours! Now while this might sound great, I wasn’t able to meet the team at Oakfield until 6pm so I had 90 minutes to kill.

The executive decision was have a quick sip of water and then go to bed so as to ignore the pain and lure of more water. Suprisingly I fell right to sleep and was woken up by my chaperone who told me it was time to go and finish this.

I dragged my weary body to the car and knowing I was now close to weight I allowed myself to turn the heat off and open the car windows as I drove.

Arriving at Oakfield the JSF and BPT boys mocked at how gaunt I looked, but it was coach Eddie who ordered me onto the scales. So I stripped down stood on the scales and just about held a pose for coach Sam to take a photo of the reading. “Are we good?” was the demand, “69.7” came the reply. “Good, now get off that thing and drink!” as I was passed a bottle of Pedialyte.

1 stone in 1 day – DONE!

If you want to learn how to utilise a proper nutrition and training program to create and achieve a sustainable physical transformation then send us an email to hello@michaelcanas.com or click through to our Services page

Stay tuned for the rehydration and refeed process that followed, coming soon….. that was the fun part!!!