About Michael Cañas

Michael Cañas is a personal coach specialising in 1-1/semi private training, online coaching and lifestyle transformations. He has an undergraduate degree and a Master of Philosophy in Behavioural Studies.

His sporting background includes representing Jersey in swimming and tennis as a youth. Then as an adult he became a semi-professional MMA fighter, and an active competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, both of which have led him to competing all over Europe. He also represents Jersey in Judo, having been selected for the Island Games squad who are travelling to Gibraltar in 2019.

Michael developed an interest in strength training, nutrition and flexibility to compliment his sporting endeavours and then made the step to becoming a trainer when the demand for training advice became too overwhelming for someone to do as a hobby.

After qualifying as a trainer he also studied to become a strength & conditioning coach and added qualifications in sports nutrition, physiology and yoga. Implementing what he took from his degrees in Psychology and Behaviour, Michael helps people train by not only assessing motivation and conditioning, but also habitual tendencies and mindset.

"Training should be fun, and taking care of your body a journey to be enjoyed. Finding the right coach that helps you adapt your approach will change your results dramatically"

Michael is also a keen writer and has written for many local publications including Wellbeing World and The Bailiwick Express. He likes to ‘put his money where his mouth is’ and regularly completes extreme challenges to demonstrate the potentials of the human body particularly in terms of composition and skill development (some challenges have included a triathlon on 24 hours notice, and losing 1 stone in 1 day).