Recipe: Poached eggs on avocado toast

Cooking with Mike series Ingredients 2 large free range eggs 1 medium avocado 1 slice of crusty bread micro herbs basil olive oil lemon Nutritional Information Calories 594 Protein 17g Carbs 20g Fats 47g

The 3 E’s of Regression

The first ‘E’: Entitlement “I’ve had a hard day at work so I deserve a glass of wine.” No….No! To plagiarise one of my favourite Instagram memes – “Don’t reward yourself with food and treats, you are not a dog.” Brilliant. The meaning is, you don’t need to justify what you put into your face […]

Resistance training

“Lifting weights will make me bulky.” Will it? This is probably one of the most frustrating things that trainers hear. It’s a comment that invariably comes from girls, or skinny guys. Getting ‘bulky’ is what they equate to putting on muscle mass. I have news for you. It doesn’t happen by accident, just like losing […]

Are you sacrificing your health to put more priority into work?

So this is a hot potato in the current climate, because of how COVID-19 has affected our working lives. It is a problem I see all too often however in my own professional life when I am coaching business leaders and busy professionals to better bodies. That is the trade-off between WORK and HEALTH. The […]

You're one step closer

You’ve taken the step that most people fail to do until it’s too late. This call can change your life