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Private coaching

Personal Training - With personal training the aim is to help clients transform their lives by addressing their approach. How developing their mindset can help them change their bodies and achieve a physique that commands attention, making them proud while solidifying bulletproof confidence.

I offer 1 to 1/small group training to motivated clients in Jersey where we work to achieve personal goals with motivation, accountability and execution.

The private coaching is focussed primarily on successful, professional males who want to forge a physique that matches their business status. We blueprint and build business bodies that exhibit confidence and dominance.

Yoga – working to increase flexibility and maximise oxygen supply to the muscles. I tend to target mainly males, athletes or clients rehabbing injuries. My yoga teaching has been adapted to compliment areas that are often neglected by gym goers and athletes.

Martial arts – private coaching in Mixed martial arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu Jistu (BJJ) and self defence. 
There are also female specific anti-attack self defence courses available


Let's get remote....

Coaching people online can range from guidance on flexibility and mobility, to resistance exercises, to nutrition monitoring.

People come to us with a wide range of goals but might be in a job that does not allow them to commit to set PT slots each week. 

This is why we have developed online coaching systems that will help you meet your goals with comprehensive remote support and guidance, fully bespoke to your goals and requirements....consistent support all for less than the cost of working with a decent trainer just once a week.

Options range from online courses and workshops, all the way through to 6 month transformation packages. Get in touch with us and we can book a strategy call to establish the right system for you, based on your personal goals and circumstances.

Online coaching is a great resource where you can have full access to your coach via messaging or email, for any of those questions you might forget while you are in the gym.

Regular check ins keep you accountable on help you towards your target. 24/7 support and accountablity.

Work with a coach who builds your BODY from the MIND UP!


Remote training: A bespoke training plan designed based on the facilities you have access to, so you can train by yourself with a structured plan to follow that will guarantee results.

Diet and nutrition plans: A calorie controlled nutritional regime, designed and modified on a regular basis based on your goals and activity level.

Full mentoring: This is a combination of the two types of online training where you have access to Mike 24/7 and he monitors your training and diet with regular skype check-ins and messenger contact. This package is for people who are determined to change their body, lifestyle and habits, by application only.

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We have a variety of talks available on training, nutrition, athletic development and transformation mindset. 

Mike is available to present privately, in businesses or at private seminars/workshops. Some previous venues have included banks, schools, restaurants and hotels.

Mike is also available to provide talks on the effects of exercise and nutrition on workforce productivity and morale.