"I help frustrated people develop and utilise a Boss mentality to shred body fat, build muscle and regain confidence in their appearance"


' I have ended up losing nearly 3 stone with Mike, changing my life completely'

Lifestyle Change and losing 13 kilos!

I had got myself into really bad habits. Multiple takeaways a week, wine every night & seeing exercise as the devil.

I tried to get into the gym myself, and when I wasn't seeing results as fast as I wanted to, I started working with Mike. He helped me to hone in on my diet, encouraging me to understand the effects of food I was eating, the habits I had developed and also the benefits of exercise.

He taught me to look at things logically, treating it as a journey rather than a quick fix. I have ended up losing nearly 3 stone with Mike, changing my life completely and taking up a sport (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) for the first time since I was about 16.

The biggest change is my outlook & belief in myself. All those things couldn't and wouldn't of been achieved without the support, coaching and consistent help from Mike to keep me on track & not letting me quit!
I'd recommend him 100% - no matter whether your goal is to get a little fitter, lose some weight, work on your health or even self belief! - Jess

Lean muscle gain - becoming Alpha

I started training with Mike in my summer holiday from school as I wanted to put on some muscle size.

I asked Mike to mentor me and with that package he actually trained with me while he taught me about lifting and training for muscle growth. 

I put on 3kg of lean muscle in those 8 weeks, and over the course of the rest of the year we hit 8kg of lean mass meaning I was bigger and more shredded. I would recommend the mentoring package for anyone wanting to see serious results. Mike taught me how my habits needed to change in order for my body to change, and also explained the intensity of training and commitment required to get big results. My self belief is well up and I'm loving the looks I now get on the beach.

- Finn


'I would recommend the mentoring package for anyone wanting to see serious results'

Overcoming Sciatica

I approached Mike after finding out I had 3 prolapsed discs in my lower back, causing severe sciatica. I had been advised by the doctors to concentrate on strengthening my core to help recovery after surgery as it could take a while.

Mike came on board in a huge way with private sessions in yoga and motivation.

After 2/3 sessions per week for 2 months I was stronger and more flexible than I ever have been, and was even doing various forms of headstands.

The doctors were amazed at my progress, and even more amazed that I was up and out of bed 4 hours after surgery, unsupported and completely off medication.

I cannot recommend Mike enough to help with injury rehabilitation, private coaching and great motivational drive.

Thanks heaps mate!!!

- Dan


Weight Loss for Holiday

I wanted to lose some weight and have better level of fitness before a trip away to Arizona for a softball tournament. I got in contact with Mike as I had heard he provided MMA type workouts in Jersey. He invited me to a consultation and from there I was provided with a fitness schedule, a diet plan and diary to note down my habits, moods and cravings.

Starting at 126kg Mike got me down to 110kg in 3 months before my trip. During this weight loss I have developed my body strength and fitness levels like never before and I feel more confident in myself as well. I'm no longer embarassed to take my shirt off, and I even competed in a white collar MMA contest which I would never have done at my original weight.

- Roberto

Journey of discovery

‘I have been training with Michael for just under a year, or should I say my Journey of discovery. Having been told by my doctor that my cholesterol was too high it was time for a life style change, rather than heading for the medication. Michael has helped me with my fitness and my nutrition, it took me a while to accept and understand what he was teaching me, but with his guidance and motivation I have lost 13 Kilos, dropped three dress sizes but most importantly my cholesterol is at a level that my doctor is happy with.

When I look in the mirror and see that my gym leggings are now loose, and friends that I have not seen for a while as ‘where is the rest of you’. Best of all to see the look on the doctor’s face I know the journey has been worth it, a journey that I will continue with.

I highly recommend Michael as a Personal Trainer. His encouragement and motivation has made me a healthier stronger person that not only looks forward to the next session, but also new challenges to push myself that bit more’

- Sam


Yoga with Vodafone

I highly recommend Mike, he is a brilliant instructor who quickly understood the needs of our class.

It is very easy to remain very deskbound during our busy working days. A few of us in the office decided we needed to force ourselves out at least once a week, and to stretch! Yoga was what we decided on to help us get a little more mobile. Now we’re all heading to Yoga every Monday at lunchtime for our private 40 minute class.

It is actually a real feat that we’re all getting out of the office and doing something – we’re all really enjoying it and feeling much better for it too. I highly recommend Mike, he is a brilliant instructor who quickly understood the needs of our class. We’re a total mix of flexibilities and all beginners – but also all love a challenge! We’re now doing headstands within 4 weeks!… couldn’t recommend it more.

We’re on our second month of doing Yoga as a team. It is just brilliant. Massive thanks to Mike!’

Jiu Jitsu shreds

I trained with Mike to compliment my jiu jitsu journey at BPT Jersey, and improve my fitness and endurance. I went from a heavyweight to competing in the lightweight division and Mike taught me how to train, feed and rest my body to allow for optimum athletic performance. 
I also trained in Mike's lunchtime jits classes and would strongly advise these sessions to people wanting to learn technical grappling for jiu jitsu and MMA!

HIIT circuit gains

Mike helped me change my body by changing my attitude towards training and healthy living.

I had a lot of bad habits and was going out too much, without knowing the effects it was having on my physical appearance.

I started training in Mike's morning circuit classes and he would coach everyone through 3 hard circuits, he doesn't mind your level of fitness as long as you give 100%. That's all he asks but he will call you out if you make excuses!

He would also talk and interact with us between sets and answer anyone's questions about training, fitness and health

I've learnt so much and am so happy with my new body - my confidence is through the roof!!! X
- Sandra

Online transformation

‘I approached Mike after seeing his page on Facebook. I wanted to ask his advice on how I could lose weight but I didn't hold out much hope as he is based in Jersey and I live in London. However, he scheduled me a goal setting call and I was happy to learn he provided online coaching so he could guide me over email and messaging.

He helped me establish my goals and look at what had happened to my mindset to allow me to get so out of shape. We discussed what had happened to my priorities and he pointed out how I was justifying bad habits purely to avoid accountability.

Michael designed a training program for me to use at my local gym and then spent the time to discuss proper nutrition with me, providing meal ideas and healthy food choices. He kept me honest and provided the knowledge and support I needed, using simple analogies and humour that made the dieting very easy. 

I can't commend Michael highly enough, he took me on when I was completely down on myself and coached me back into a shape that I believed was impossible to get back to. I have also learnt so much from him on how to better take care of my body and health. If you want to learn how to live to feel better about your body contact him now! Thank you XX

- Natalie

Lifestyle Revolution

I had always been a chubby chap but the last couple of years I really started to pile on the pounds!! Not only did this make general activity tougher, it also affected my mental health significantly, adding to other confidence issues and putting me in a dark place.

My jiu jitsu instructor recommended I chat with Mike, no strings attached just to talk about me, my life and what I want to achieve. I realised that to achieve the most I had to be honest with Mike and we discussed habits, both dietary and activity and also mental state. After our chat I realised that I wanted to commit to a 3 month programme and give it my all. Mike gave me 1-1 training sessions (they were great), constant communication via whatsapp and a Diet Plan………

HOWEVER, the most valuable thing that Mike provided was EDUCATION! Mike explained why I was eating what I was, why I avoided training and why I was feeling low. The main reason I loved the coaching Mike provided is that he doesn’t want to see you again after the programme, trust me when I say that, he means that in a good way! Mike doesn’t want to use clients as a ‘cash cow’, he wants to see a change physically and mentally and know that when you finish you will be able to understand diet and training and continue on your own!!

In 12 weeks I lost over 3 stone, my confidence is higher than ever, I have more energy than I’ve ever had and in the best shape I have been in. I’ve gained knowledge and a great friend, if you are serious about changing your lifestyle Mike Cañas is the ONLY place to go! ’

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