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Independence with Accountability

I help business leaders and busy professionals go from tired, stressed and out of shape to strong, lean and confident. Learn to look, feel and function better.

Build your best body, on your terms.

My elite online coaching service will provide you with the tools, support and structure you need to transform your body and physical confidence into something you could not have imagined possible.

Through planning, goal setting, coaching and accountability we will get you to break through previously held limitations and build the best ever version of you.

How do I get there


We will create a bespoke plan for you, with your input and as a team, based on your personal goals.


We will build your training, nutrition and recovery systems around your schedule and plan these sustainably.


You will receive proven, cutting edge coaching every step of the way that has been used to transform 100’s of others.


Through regular contact and touchpoints we will make sure you are always progressing towards your goals.


You will become part of a private coaching community of like-minded winners who are all pushing become their best.

Success Stories


Edward dropped over 3 stone of body fat, upgraded his habits and pushed up to a 300kg leg press pb.

Michael has helped me shed over 3 stone while we've worked together, along with improving my physique and physical fitness beyond anything I could have expected. He was also incredibly helpful in explaining to me how lifestyle choices would either promote, or hinder, the training I was doing under his guidance.

He has helped me look at physical fitness and proper nutrition as a lifestyle choice rather than a chore.

I am very proud and impressed at what we have managed to achieve and would certainly recommend Michael's coaching if you are wanting to upgrade your fitness and physique.


Travelling business owner Adam went from overworked, overweight and too indulgent to lean, strong, flexible and full of energy.

I have used very expensive ‘top’ London trainers in the past and at best made temporary progress. Where Mike has succeeded is helping me to realise that the training is just the start. I wrongly thought it was time in the gym that mattered. I now see that diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep and managing the demons (for me, chocolate and alcohol) need to be consistently monitored and worked upon.

My coaching from Mike keeps me accountable and makes sure that progress doesn’t slip. It is a pleasant reminder that being in shape is a lifestyle and it’s great to know he’s in my corner constantly. I can't recommend his services highly enough. The payback from the investment I have made in this relationship has been outstanding.


Busy entrepreneur Nick has dropped his body fat down from over 20% to under 10%, and lifts weights and practices yoga regularly in his quest towards his best marathon time!

I have worked with Mike for over 2 years and I am now the leanest, strongest and most flexible I have ever been.

Mikes coaching combined strength work, fat loss and flexibility but it was the goal setting strategies that really stood out as Mike explained to me what he thought I could achieve and explained the details of how we would get there.

The way Mike coached and explained about recovery and lifestyle has meant that my energy levels and productivity have gone through the roof, and the warmth of the commitment to support me with change has been incredible.


World renowned crime writer Peter has revolutionised his physical fitness through strength training and standing on his head... all at 73 years young!

I feel so much better physically and much stronger since working with Mike. He is a genius at what he does and we have made incredible progress together.

The work I have done under Mike’s coaching has improved my running times and recovery, my tennis game and my strength and mobility.

Mike also took the time to look into my diabetes and gave me some nutritional guidance that has seen my blood sugar levels become the most stable they have ever been, while still allowing me to enjoy foods and drinks that I love.

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