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Updating your meal planner

Client HotSeat – Andy

Client HotSeat – Jimmy

Client HotSeat – Richard

Client Hotseat – Latimer


Goals beyond the goal

Anxiety Huddle


Anxiety Deep Dive – Pat

Overcoming Anxiety – Grant Hepburn

Meal planning and preparation – intro

Calorie Banking

Photoshoot prep – Grant (anxiety)

Unstoppable Routines

Peer Group

Meal planning and preparation – Deep Dive

YOGA Class

Exercise Intensity

Scallop and Crayfish Salad

The Perfect Chicken Breast

Salmon and Sweet Potato

Turkey and fried rice

Protein Pancakes

Eggs on Avocado toast – Tutorial

The Perfect Steak

The Facebook Group

Hulk Shake tutorial

Plan your week

The Perfect Week


Transformation Psychology


Deep Dive: PROTEIN

Welcome Pack and Starting

Lying Hamstring Curl

Leg Extensions

Seated Machine Chest Press

Seated machine pec flies

Machine Shoulder Press

Seated Low Row (Lat Bar)

Standing Cable Reverse Flies

Standing Cable Pec Flies

Single arm Triceps pulldown

Biceps curl (cable)

Long rope triceps pushdown

Triceps (rope) pushdown

Assisted Dips

Incline (barbell) Bench Press

Seated Lateral Raises

Romanian Deadlift

T-Bar Row

Standing Calf Raise

Seated calf raise


Cooking Techniques

Flexible Dieting